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Six years ago, I dislocated my right knee. A local orthopedic surgeon said I would never run again. That was not acceptable to me. So, I began working with a team of health officials: physical therapists, chiropractors, Pilates instructors, an acupuncturist and the massage therapists at Harbor Health and Massage. By the time I started seeing you, I was up to 3 miles. Thanks to your help, my daily runs increased to 5 miles with an occasional long run. Sunday, I ran my first road marathon since dislocating my knee. Thank you for making this possible. -- Michael

Good Morning Tammy,
Last night was the most relaxed and restful sleep I have had in three weeks!!
Thank you!
 -- Anne

Thanks for the great massage yesterday; it’s always the best hour of the day.
Thanks for all of your advice too.
 -- K

My Craniosacral session with Andrea was over the top! I'm so grateful that you were able to fit me in that day. Cranio is such a magical journey for me. Thank you!! May you have glow today. -- Priscilla

Andrew was great to work with during my second round of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). His experience and knowledge were wonderful, especially his interest in infertility. Andrew always encouraged positive thinking and I left every session relaxed and encouraged. I’m happy to report that I’m now 7 weeks pregnant. -- Elizabeth

I was telling Stephanie about trouble I have with distonic tics (Tourette's Syndrome) and the pain it causes. Stephanie worked the muscles that were involved during my session. After the first time, the severity of my distonic tics diminished for about a week! After several months of Stephanie's work, the tics are diminished the entire time between sessions. Thank you Stephanie for the great massage! -- Mark