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Massage & Spa Services

Relaxation Massage / Swedish Massage
This session will focus on reducing stress and tension in your body. It will help you reach a deeper level of relaxation.

Therapeutic Massage
If you have pain – chronic or short-term, a therapeutic massage can help. This session will focus on your areas of discomfort, improving function and increasing mobility and range of motion.

Prenatal Massage
Moms-to-be in their second and third trimester will benefit from a massage designed for the pregnant woman. Please be sure to tell us you’re pregnant when you set up your appointment.

Infant Massage
Infant massage is a wonderful, natural way to encourage bonding with your baby.  The aim of the class is to encourage parents to make infant massage part of the daily routine; achieving a wealth of emotional and physical benefits. The techniques that are taught are very gentle and safe, and can be used with older children, spouses and elders as well.

Hand or Foot Massage
This is a great treatment for aching hands and feet! You’ll feel relaxed and refreshed after we work on your areas of discomfort.

Chair Massage
You’ll be amazed by the depth of relaxation and easing of tension 10 to 20 minutes of chair massage can deliver! Chair massage focuses on the head, neck, back and arms.

Postural Analysis
We’ll take a look at your posture while you’re standing and lying down. This will help determine which muscles need attention. Useful for massage therapy as well as focused exercise programs. Please bring a bathing suit or other form-fitting clothing.

Hot Stone Spa Treatment

Bring about a deeply relaxed state of mind as we pamper and energize you! This therapy uses stones of volcanic origin to balance, relax and rejuvenate the body.

Facial Massage
This relaxing therapy includes hot towels to cleanse, relaxing massage strokes of the face and scalp and a natural honey and nutmeg mask treatment.

Paraffin Treatment
This wonderful treatment helps relieve achy joints and is excellent for dry skin. We’ll apply the wax and then you relax and let it work.



Acupuncture is used to treat a variety of conditions. Andrew Crapo is nationally certified (NCCAOM) in traditional Chinese medicine. Please click on the Acupuncture link to learn more.

Other Services

We’d like you to think of us when you think of wellness services. If you are looking for a specific service and you don’t see it here, give us a call. If we don’t offer it, we may be able to refer you to someone who does. We have an excellent referral network to meet all of your health and fitness needs.
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