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Bill Agee

Massage Therapist since 2010

Certified in Neuromuscular Reintegration Technique, Thai Massage and Reiki Master

Graduated from the Sacred Body Clinical Massage Mentorship program, Ozark, MO

Licensed in Michigan

1. Why did you become an MT? And why do you stay an MT?

 I became a massage therapist because I love helping people. I love assisting others in this journey called life. Why would anyone want to just "get through life" with constant pain and struggles? It is a joy to see those, who come in pain, leave refreshed and on the road towards healing.  I want to help others not just feel better but to get better.

2. What’s your massage/health philosophy?

 My philosophy is to know the importance of  balance.  Balance in all things, in this case, balance with your own mind and body.  Life is too short to live in pain.

3.What is something you might not know about me, but be interested to learn?

  I love Star Wars and anything related to it. I know I know, it’s the little nerd in me. I love to read it, watch it, collect it, and yes, I even go to the conventions.

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