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Amy Kincaid

Massage Therapist since 2016

Graduated from Blue Heron Academy, Grand Rapids, MI

Nationally Certified by the American Medical Massage Association

Licensed in Michigan

1. Why did you become an MT? And why do you stay an MT?

I felt inspired to become a massage therapist after experiencing the healing effects of massage on myself, and witnessing it in others. I became more curious to learn how massage positively impacts a person's health, healing and well-being. Clients, friends and family inspire me to continue learning and improving when I see them feeling or moving better after a treatment or series of treatments. There is always more to learn!

2. What’s your massage/health philosophy?

Drink plenty of water, feed your body well, keep your body moving and be sure to make time for you.

3. What are some of the books on your bookshelf?

A Massage Therapist's Guide to Pathology, Trail Guide to the Body and various cookbooks.

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