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Kathleen Coates

Massage Therapist since 2014

Graduated from Blue Heron Academy, Grand Rapids, MI

Nationally Certified by the American Medical Massage Association

Licensed in Michigan

1. Why did you become an MT? And why do you stay an MT?

 I've seen too many people suffer needlessly with chronic pain and when, or if, they seek treatment often times only the symptoms are addressed. I suffered that way until I was educated in the body’s ability to correct itself through specific, consistent and accurate treatment by a well-trained, professional, compassionate massage  therapist.  I was amazed at how thorough and effectively this approach works, and I continue to be fascinated by it each day.

2. What’s your massage/health philosophy?

 Prevent what you can whenever you can. A little health education, a lot of common sense, enough sleep each night and a nutritionally sound diet can make health care stress-free and can keep disease away. Also, one must remember to treat the whole body, mind and spirit to gain the keys to long-term good health and wellness. After all, where one part goes, the rest goes along!

3. Who are some of your heroes?

In regard to massage therapy, I think about the many gifted and dedicated healthcare advocates, including MD's, who have spent their adult life contributing to the field of holistic or alternative health care. But to name a hero throughout my life it would be my mom. That loving, caring lady who sacrificed for the good of her children and others, my dear mother.

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